Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lavender Wands - so far this year

Last year we started what seems to have become one of my favorite new traditions. I was participating in a "Home Grown" swap, and needed about 25 wands. We just kept going and had lots to take to market and put up on the website. It was so much fun at the end of the day to catch a cool breeze and catch up. We've been looking forward to it for months, and now the lavender is ready.
At some point during the day, I pick a sheaf of lavender and allow it to wilt a bit in the shade. When the sun goes low enough that shade hits the deck, my sister (and this year her son) comes up to weave. Supper is done and washed up, and there is nothing left to do but just enjoy ourselves.
This year there is so much lavender that we pushed it and went from 19 to *about* 25 stems. I say about, because nephew Rob is a math guy. It is impossible for him to just simply weave. Oh no. He has no choice but to try to figure out mathematical sequences that will turn out interesting wands. He even did one with two colors of ribbons, but said, "never again", so that one is now a part of the family trivia collection. Of course we see what he turns out, and then we have to try it too. We turn up each night with new ideas. I'm percolating a stair-step weave right now.
We have a few more evenings of weaving, stopping at 50 before we try distilling some of the flowers.
The wands are available on our website and the book, Under the Sun (also on our website) has written instructions with photos.


Anonymous said...

Your wands are beautiful Tina! I have been making them for a bout a week now (I don't have any help:(- for an "event" in November. I think I will try the patterned one, I've always just made the traditional one. Thanks for showing them!

Michelle said...

I love your wands. I've tried doing them in the past and can never get them to turn out right :(

Maryanne said...

Hey Sis, those look almost as good in pictures as they do in person. "Course, the smell is so hard to get across the "tubes".

Oh, and surprise! You're "it" in a game of tag. Find out about it at my blog.

Unknown said...

Those look so nice! Can these be made by people like me who are "all thumbs"?

Tina Sams said...

Grace... seriously... If I can do it, you can do it. The first one will be a dog. The second will be better, and by the time you have 3 or 4 under your belt, you'll be doing great.