Monday, January 05, 2009

Under the Sun was under the tree!

I've lamented over the past week about how much I've missed having a comments section on the cart we just ditched, and in this week, the comments and feedback on orders have been great! It has become so clear that the positive reinforcement helps me continue doing some of the more social things on-line that sometimes seem like too much work or too time consuming - particularly after a new housemate started teasing me mercilessly about "playing" on the computer at precisely the same time we lost the comments option last year.

It cannot be stressed enough - it has been GREAT to hear from people again. It is so nice to know exactly which issue you want to start with, whether it is a gift subscription, how you've enjoyed it so far, etc!
In the meantime, on the Yahoo group, Teri wrote about getting the same gift as her daughter. If I'm not mistaken, they bought them for each other!!! How's that for an endorsement? I asked for her permission to post the picture she sent to the group, and she gave it.

Here are Teri and Sara with their copies of The Essential Herbal ~ Under the Sun:
How cool! I got to share part of their holiday.
Thanks, you two! And thank you so much for the picture. You're both wearing such adorable grins.


Beth said...

What fun to have mother and daughter enjoy herbs together! You two look great. :-)

Be good to your skin!

Laura said...

I LOVE that these gals bought Under The Sun for each other! I think it's a great gift! That's why I bought one for myself! :)


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