Thursday, February 19, 2009

Radiant Tea Party and the Crazy Hour

I KNOW that there are other people who can relate to this.... Do you ever settle at the end of the day and think to yourself, "Was that only this morning? Seems like about 3 days ago!" Some busy days are like that around here, when you do many different things that would sometimes BE the whole day. Yesterday was one. Heck, just suppertime was one!

Lately I've been spending my Wednesdays at Radiance. It's nice to work a day away from home each week. Gives me a reason to wear something other than t-shirts. We (Sarah Campbell and I) also are doing lunchhour workshops from noon to 1:30 each week, and that's fun too!

Yesterday was a tea blending workshop.
The table was set with an extraordinary array of ingredients, utensils and pots from which to sample. We had heat-sealable teabags and a handy iron to seal up the blends the participants blended. Afterwards we enjoyed our own lunches (along with co-owner Kara) at the table, sipping "Love Your Liver" tea made with yummy roots, into which we'd added a pinch of echinacea to combat some of the yuckies going around.

During the day the weather was just a messy, grumpy, gray mess. Snow, sleet, rain, and dark skies. Yuck. When it was time for me to head back up the hill, I could see the ice freezing on the road, and there was a cold fog moving in. Part way home, I turned around and chose a different route in order to avoid a steep and windy hill that I knew hadn't been treated (and sure enough, the cinder truck passed as soon as I got home). It was so good to get home, and I anticipated settling in for the night in some cushy sweats or even maybe pajamas.
But it was chilly. At first it seemed like maybe the bug going around bit me, but then upon picking up a ceramic mug, it became clear that the air was COLD. Looking at the thermostat, it quickly sunk in... the furnace wasn't working.
The first call is always to my sister's husband. All of the younger siblings consider him a big brother. We were just talking about it the other night, and once again that proved true last night.
While we were on the phone, there was a *beep* on the line.
Molly's truck wouldn't start, and she was in town.
All worked out ok - nephew Rob went to rescue Molly.
The furnace guy was here til 11 last night, and with any luck we'll have heat again this afternoon. Hmmmm.
And we awoke to this vision this morning:
How many days does that seem like to you? I'm going to stick with three.


Rosemary said...

Amazing what you can pack into a day! (Personally, glad it was your day and not mine.) The tea blending looked like fun!

Sarah said...

Tina, what a lovely photo of our tea blending class! It was a lovely middle-of-the-day to what sounds like more excitement than you needed!

Green blessings, Sarah

Tina Sams said...

Well Nancy, I saw pictures of a recent breakfast involving a Mr. Tigger (adorable, btw!). Perhaps you do also know how to pack a day full of adventure?

And yes Sarah...WAY more exciting than I like :-).

amyjack214 said...

The tea blending workshop looks like it was a lot of fun! I love my herbal teas! Your picture that you awoke to is beautiful too! Would it help or hurt if I tell you that it is 72 degrees and sunny here in South Georgia today? Maybe it will help if I tell you that it is going to rain tomorrow and turn gloomy and cold for a couple of days!
Amy J.

Tina Sams said...

It's ok Amy. Spring will get here in her own sweet time, and I really do love every one of the different seasons just as they are. 72 is darned near perfect though...


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