Wednesday, March 04, 2009

In like a lion! March forth, baby.

Just a little teaser :-)
A lot happens at this time of year. There can be many different types of weather in the same day, and sometimes it can even seem like we pass through a whole year's worth of seasons in a week.
I'm about to skip off for a day at Radiance where we'll be doing a class on tub teas, and finished a gorgeous chamomile distillation yesterday, but don't want to get too far ahead of myself here.
OH! you still have 2 days to enter the contest to win a free subscription to The Essential Herbal. Scroll down 2 posts for details!

The other day we went to the Mid-Atlantic Garden show in York. It's an interesting show at this time of year. Can't really buy plants for the yard yet, so the things that wind up catching my eye are garden accessories and products for around the home. This year I am sad to say that I didn't buy anything. I meant to pick up some goodies for a care package, but didn't see anything that worked. There were 3 or 4 soap companies there, but we do that ourselves. Maryanne found a great (and very reasonable) crock with "Lancaster County" glazed on it. That will work well with a soap display, since the name of her soap company is Lancaster County Soapworks, Etc. Heh!Marge Reppert hands out the Rosemary House's wonderful Calender of Events/catalog (which you can also see on-line) while Susanna handles the inside of the booth. I imagine that Nancy was back at the shop/tea room, taking care of that end of things. We always stop at their booth first to get our bearings. It wouldn't be the same if they weren't there!I was fond of the tree trunk carving. Love stuff like this!
Tell me you don't love this idea! Catch water from the rain spout, and there is a faucet down by the bottom of the huge terra cotta crock. Beauty and functionality.
And then there was this little storm that ripped up the Eastern coast. Some got a foot. What we got blew into piles here and there, leaving most of the yard bare. Lots of drifting, but I was greatly amused to see that fully half of the driveway was dry as a bone...then Bob came up with the plow and did the other half (THANKS!!!) as soon as the snow stopped.
I have decided this is the last bad storm of the winter. You know, the kind that cause a problem with traffic. Whew. Glad they're over with!

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Shane said...

The items in snaps( 3rd and 4th from top) is made of soil or something else ? it is really great looking


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