Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Faves

First one is for parents, grandparents, or anyone who knows a great kid...
One of our writers, Kristine Brown has been putting out a monthly herbal learning guide geared towards kids, but certainly very appropriate for full-grown kids too. The style is very gentle and comfortable, each issue is a work of art! Herbal Roots Zine is written (by hand, I might add) about a single herb each month. There are activities, songs, puzzles, and all sorts of things to do to learn about that herb. It is delivered as a PDF electronically, and each issue costs $6.
Twisted Sisters Herbs Next up is a site/blog that my sister Maryanne and I have put together to get the word out about our classes (and who knows what else will wind up there - lol). A lifetime or two ago, we held classes every Friday night at the old Herb Basket. We really enjoyed those classes, and have decided to put together full days of herbal adventures. If you're local(ish), check out our schedule and come make some fun herbal stuff with us!
SunRose Aromatics Although I often talk about distilling my own hydrosols and the occasional essential oil here at home, I don't think I've mentioned how much I love the exotic, rare, and beautiful oils and that are the true passion of Rosanne Tartaro at SunRose. I'm sitting here with some Orris Root Concrete and some Fragonia EO, some aged Patchouli and a few other delights. Her Chakra Balancing Blends are incredible, and she's written a wonderful book packed with information to help us understand our chakras. Skip on over and look around. Her site is a treat to the senses.
On August 15th, Maryanne and I will be heading to the Wondiferous Weed Walk, held by Sugar Grove Herbs in Somerset PA. Somerset is close to VA, WV, and OH. It's probably about 4 hours west from Lancaster. Barb and Fred Will have put together an amazing, informative, FUN day of weeds, bees, mushrooms, lectures, and herbs. I think Barb mentioned that there is a wind farm on a neighboring property, and also an outdoor stone oven. Anyhow, $50 includes lunch and handouts - along with all the lectures, demos, and the weed walk. It should be an amazing time... and I hope to see some of you there!


tansy said...

thank you!

your herbal afternoons seem like a real treat!

someday, i'd love to learn to make my own essential oils. need to invent a few more hours in the day first though. :)

Alexl said...

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