Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In love with the meadows....

Earlier today, my sister and I were on a fairly unpleasant errand, but even so the meadows were delicious. This year in particular the weather has conspired to create such an array of colors and delights, medicines for the spirit as well as the body.
As we drove along, I said that they make me want to walk across the country, taking the time to look at all of the wonders that Nature has strewn before us. Of course in this scenario, I'm younger, fitter, and have no responsibilities, but it's a dream so let's not pay that no nevermind.
I thought it would be fun to share some of the visions that crossed my path today on this, a most ordinary of days.... The day started early, with me trudging down to the pond through the heavily dewed grasses to gather the wild beebalm. It was the nick of time, as most of it had already flowered and was past its prime. There was enough for perhaps a pint of tincture. The flowers and leaves sat in a basket in the car all day, and were perfectly dried when I got home with the alcohol (they must think I'm an awful lush at the liquor store). Note the tiny blue dayflower in the picture along the left edge.
On a milkweed plant across the path from the pond, I spied a group of caterpillars munching away, preparing to become butterflies. They were awfully busy, and didn't even notice me. Further along, I came to the Boneset patch. It is smaller than I'd hoped this year, so I left it alone. There should be plenty in Somerset this weekend, and it probably won't be in full bloom yet.Our day took us to the hospital in Hershey. Right outside in the strip between parking lots this group of mushrooms were growing beautifully, unaware of being in a well traveled area.On the way home, we came upon an area that is actually (as it turns out) the entrance to a State Game Area. In this picture, there is the purple Loosestrife right next to some ripe elderberries, and they both rest their feet in a tiny little creek that is full of blooming jewelweed. A butterfly drinks from the top of some Joe Pye blossoms.Truly the Queen of the Meadow! I would say that this little sorrel is just completely confused by being right next to the road where heaven-only-knows what kind of stuff it gets sprayed with. It is about 5" across and looked for all the world like a hydrangea! Today's spectacular find!!! Blue Vervain. This has been a mystery to me for several year - but not enough for me to actually go out and look at it. This is a time of year that apparently hasn't ever been right for wandering, I guess, and this year is just perfect weatherwise and curiositywise. We used to carry it in our shop for magical purposes, but I wasn't aware of any great medicinal value. This evening Susan Hess told me about using the tincture for shoulder and neck issues. Gorgeous stuff. So pretty it can almost make you cry. Finally home again I wandered the yard briefly. The mallows are blooming, and there is something about the buds, so full of promise that is just exquisitely beautiful.
So that was my day. I hope yours was lovely too!


Comfrey Cottages said...

oh tina i am so sorry someone is in the hospital! warm thoughts with you! your pictures are amazing! i ordered seeds for boneset and joe pye weed through horizon herbs this year, but alas, are gully washing rains seem to have washed them away or.... i am in for a surprize next spring! lol what a lovely meadow walk! lucky find with the vervain! thanks for sharing your walk with us dear! glad to see the little caterpillars! lol! just munching on their minds! big herbal hugs to you!

Wear Your Wild said...

beatiful photos. i noticed yesterday that the autumn plants were beginning to bloom. i love their colors.

natureartist said...

Ohhh! This makes me so homesick for my herb walks in Upstate New YorK!
Love those busily munching Monarch caterpillars!
Beautiful stuff! <3

Laura said...

Absolutely beautiful! Can I join you in this dream trek across country? ;) What wonders!

Thank you for posting all this. It is food for the soul!
Much love,

Anonymous said...

beatiful photos. i noticed yesterday that the autumn plants were beginning to bloom. i love their colors.

Anonymous said...
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