Sunday, September 20, 2009

REVIEW: Numen - the Nature of Plants

Although I will be reviewing this in the upcoming issue of TEH, I just finished watching it and would like to comment.
The structure of the film reminded me of What the Bleep? in that there were a series of experts and individuals that were interviewed in turn on a lot of topics so that it almost feels like we are sitting in a huge room talking to everyone at once.
The most important element to me was that in the time it took to watch, concepts that took the first 5 or 6 years of my herbal enchantment in order to become fixed and cemented in my heart, were expressed clearly and concisely.
That means that those who are just now opening up to plants as food and medicine will be able to grasp those things more quickly, without having to stumble along. So now, 15 or more years after having them firmly held inside, I can watch and nod and at times be moved nearly to tears. It is interesting to imagine how this might effect the newest wave of herbal enthusiasts - being able to understand all that information all at one time.
Bravo! Well done. Knowledge can change individual behavior and we can change the world.

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