Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A feast for the senses

Every time I go to The Rosemary House and/or Sweet Remembrances Tea Room, I am struck with the many numbers of delights found in the shop, gardens, and dining area of the tea room. Besides all of the wonderful things to purchase or taste, just looking around is an enriching, soothing experience.
Let me explain something.... I rarely travel alone. My sense of direction is nil, and that means that until now I've done everything possible to avoid it. Yes, I've been mocked... but that doesn't hold the same sting as driving around aimlessly in the dark with a sense of dread and panic building. As it turns out, I am also pathetic at scheduling, and managed to schedule two off-site soapmaking classes at precisely the same time in two different counties - which meant that the Twisted Sisters went our separate ways last night. And I purchased a GPS. Whoo BABY!
Still, I arrived very early and slightly rattled. Sampling a bit of Susanna's violet libation was a nice touch.... But that little device just may have changed my life.
Walking around the gardens and tea room helped a lot too. There is so much whimsy and attention to detail. The gardens are tucked behind the shops and homes of the Reppert family, and it is just amazing how magical it is to walk out back and find the enchantment. Here's a wee tour....
Pots at the ready, waiting for the next gardening adventure.
The Peace Garden, a nook dedicated to Bertha Reppert, founder of The Rosemary House, and beloved matriarch of the family.
Lunaria growing next to witch hazel.
A tree filled with teapots.
One section of the wall in Sweet Remembrances. The "Tea for the Tillerman" album cover caught my eye, as I've been singing lots of Cat Stevens songs to myself lately. Can you find it?
And really, I just scratched the surface. There is a large bayberry, a big fig tree, a beautiful fairy garden, a koi pond, and literally 100's of plantings - along with a small greenhouse and a plant sales area. The barn front is covered with a collection of birdhouses, and a wringer washer is filled with jewelweed. A bathtub is starting to bloom.
You really, really have to visit. It's beautiful.


PeggyR said...

Oh I would love to go there someday. Maybe when we don't have dogs to travel with. I have been enjoying your magazine.

Rosemary said...

Thank you Tina, for this sweet post. It's fun to walk the gardens and herbal complex with someone else's eye!

Tina Sams said...

:-) There is always something new and fascinating, every time, without fail.

Sierra Snow Soaps said...

What a beautiful and magical place! If my daughter goes to college in Conn. I am going to move there too. Then I will be closer to ya'll and your herbs!
Michelle in NV
where it is dry and desert but still snowing!

comfrey cottages said...

i have wanted to go to the rosemary house and have tea at sweet remembrance since i first learned of them last spring. gorgeous:)
good for you and the gps tina!
i didn't spot it even when i enlarged the pic! lol i never have been good at things like that! lol which teapot was it?

Tina Sams said...

on the bottom right, behind some of the teaphernalia, you'll see the tan and orange album cover :-)


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