Friday, November 05, 2010

Teapot Pendant

Hmmm... what have we here?
Another handmade lamp worked piece from TorchSong Studio! About a year ago, Maryanne took the challenge to make a teapot from glass for our friend Nancy at Sweet Remembrances Tea Room, and has made several since - one of which I swiped last night for the "By the Hearth" prize drawing.
The printer tells me that the book is now in the hands of the company who will bind them, and they will probably arrive here on the 12th - so there's still time to place an order and get your name into the drawing! The drawing and the 20% discount ($19.95 instead of $24.95) continue until the truck backs up to the door here.
The book is a fabulous prize all by itself, but if you've been a fan of The Essential Herbal for any length of time, you know me - and my attempts at turning everything into some kind of party. If you look back over the last 8 or 10 postings, you'll see all of the great prizes we have so far. More to come!

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