Saturday, February 05, 2011

NYC travelogue, our way

We'd been muttering about how long it's been since we attended a wholesale show for a good while, and Sunday we decided to head out for NY the next day for the International Gift Show in NYC. Skipping between weather fronts, we got on a train and went.

The city is full of interesting things, and sometimes the smallest things are fascinating. We ordered pizza, and found that it arrived with a pile of packets of herbs and spices. This probably isn't all that unusual to other people, but since we don't live in an area that has food delivery, it was pretty interesting to see.
Our friend Laura took us to see the musical WICKED, and it was fabulous!
The entire theatre was transformed into Oz, with fanciful artwork, furniture, and employees in character. It was a wonderful experience! I'd read the book years ago, but the musical was so much fun and so BIG!
Outside the theatre I took this picture of Laura. She's a very talented singer and actress, so I would love to see her picture on the poster!
Our main goal (oh yeah, I forgot...) was the trade show. Pictures aren't really allowed, so this is the lobby just prior to getting on an escalator into the fray.
I snapped a shot in the middle of one aisle just as the show was opening one morning. There are at least 50 aisles. They were on three levels, so it got confusing. The building is 2 city blocks wide, and it feels like about 3 blocks deep. There are literally miles and miles of booths. Only a small fraction of them held anything we were interested in, but the linens, tabletop, artglass, holiday, etc., etc., etc., were eyecatching. One needs to be very careful to avoid purchasing something that while exquisite, has nothing to do with their shop.
I dumped the catalogs from one day on my bed at the hotel.
Having internet in our room was pretty cool. Here's Maryanne keeping up to date with the news in Egypt. Or maybe playing some game. Either way, it was good to be able to stay on top of emails and business while hundreds of miles from home.
Our last night there, friends Rob and Laura took us to a great restaurant up the street - Strata 57. Rob got the squid-ink pasta and we all got a taste. It was delicious.
We all enjoyed every morsel. This picture of our friends came out like a painting because of the lighting, and I really like it.
On our last morning, a friend that we'd only met on-line trekked into the city to have breakfast with us. Carey was delightful to meet, and it was as comfortable as seeing an old friend we'd known for years.
Then it was time to go home. We got checked out and decided to have a quick soda in the bar before grabbing a cab to the train station. Only $9.50. Hahahahaha... time to go! Maryanne is looking ready.
Just for posterity, this was the view from our room. Lots of snow, slush, and ice, but the tree below showing signs of spring. We were happy to be on a lower floor, and surprised by the lack of noise. It was a great stay.

Right across from the station, the US Post Office stands, and you can't really read it, but the motto: Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night... is engraved over the columns. Since I am so involved with the post office in my business, I snapped a picture.
We got to the station with plenty of time for people watching. Crisp businessmen and high, high heels were the most striking visions for me. Thousands of people passing through this room in the course of a half hour. Amazing, really.

Our trip home was by far our least favorite part of the week. We'd spent 5 days in a city with a reputation for ill manners, but had been treated with nothing but kindness and an attitude of pride in sharing their city that was so noticeable that we discussed it a few times. The train ride back with people from our part of the world was very different. That's all I'm saying about that, but thanks for the hospitality, NYC!

And now it's time to get the Mar/Apr issue of The Essential Herbal into the mail. It was delivered while we were gone. In the next couple of weeks, the things that I found at the show will be popping up on the website. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Great share! I enjoyed your pictures from the trip. I would think a trade show would be so exciting--getting to find new treasures to share with your customers.
Cheers :)


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