Wednesday, August 03, 2011

V.G.T. - Marci in Washington State

Our next stop on The Essential Herbal Virtual Garden Tour takes us to visit Marci Tsohonis in the Pacific NorthWest. She makes soaps and various herbal products. Her business is named Herbal Nature LLC. Our readers will recognize Marci as one of our writers. She's shared many great soap instructions, and I'm hoping she'll share some of her incredible herbal knowledge too.

In our back yard, “Granddaughter Erin’s Fairy Garden” - interestingly, this is where Mullein, Peppermint and Lemon Balm (all herbs I wanted) volunteered right by the pansies and fairy lawn furniture! :-)
Our veggie garden, in the south 40 behind the shop
String beans going crazy
South 40 Pumpkin Patch
Snapdragons tucked in under the lattice fence
Drip lines in every pot help plants stay alive in our arid climate
The hotter the better for our 2 year old Meyer Lemon tree
Sickly, but still alive, Grosso Lavender; we lost over half of our Lav. in sub-zero temps, last Nov. Chamomile, Marshmallow and Horehound crammed into a little spot next to our kitchen garden. Very old fencing supporting Lilac Hedge on a sideyard of our property.

It's nice to wander in Marci's gardens where the weather is gorgeous.
We have a few more gardens waiting for us, so we'll head out in a few days to the next one. If you want to share your garden we have a couple spots left, but we'll be finishing up with the release of our next issue on Aug. 15.

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