Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Essential Herbal Nov/Dec 2011 - what's inside?

We're a little behind getting this cover and table of contents up so you can see what's on the way to your house. Yup, it's in the mail and should arrive by the end of the month (although it can be ordered at any time at www.essentialherbal.com).As you can see below, this issue is brimming with things that help swing into the next season, enjoy the holidays, stay healthy during the stresses of everything that entails, and some fun reading between all the information. It is a great issue!

Field Notes from the Editor
"This is the way it is; this is what we do."

List Article
Readers share family traditions that include herbs and spices over the holidays.

Calm Amid the Chaos, Tiffany M Psichopaidas
Simple traditions help us stay focused and centered in the midst of chaos.

Delicious Wintertime Remedies, Kate Ferreri
Luscious blends can make wintertime discomforts feel a lot better.

Celebrating Martinmas, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
Celebrate Martinmas with Martinshornchen and Weckmaenner after learning about the holiday.

Fire and Ice Balm, Marci Tsohonis
After lots of trials and tweaking, this is Marci's favorite balm for chronic pain.

Dreaming of the Medieval Physic Garden, Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir
Travel through time and space with Heather, to the gardens of medieval herbalists.

Goldenseal History and Use, Joe Smulevitz
Just what makes this shy, endangered plant so special?

Cottonwood Buds - A Winter Foraging Adventure, Marci Tsohonis
Let's get sappy about the cold winter woods!

Nutrients for Your Skin, Cindy Jones, Ph.D.
Learn simple remedies to keep your skin healthy and happy in the harsh weather.

Pomanders, Buena Tomalino
A fragrant, pleasurable craft to make with family or friends, for family and friends.

The Herbal Adventures of the Twisted Sisters, Part 5,
Tina Sams & Maryanne Schwartz
Our take on essential oils and making incense from natural botanicals.

Creating Sacred Gardens, Marita A. Orr
"We can create a space where we come into contact with all that lies both within us and outside us."

Sharing the Gift of Wisdom, Melissa Sidelinger
"...as I gain a deeper understanding of traditional skills and folk wisdom I realize how necessary it is to keep this knowledge alive in today's modern world."

Louisiana Lagniappe, Double Dates, Stuffed Dates, 2 Ways, Sarah Liberta
The grown-up herbie in Sarah embellishes these recipes passed down from her father's Sicilian grandmother.

Be Prepared, Karen Mallinger CNHP MH
Would you be ready if a natural catastropy came knocking on the door? Here's some help.

Holiday Gift Basket, Kelli Scott
Some great ways to share herbal crafts and medicines in gifts to loved ones.

SouthRidge Treasures, A Spice Necklace - The Magical Power of Spices, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Make a scentuous and lovely necklace to keep the holiday fragrances close to you.

Historic Herbal, Candy Comfits, Kathleen Setzer
These tiny tasty seeds are often seen in Indian restaurants, and now you can make them at home!

Holly and Ivy - A Duet of Green Allies, Amanda Dainow
These traditional greens are often an integral part of holiday celebrations, and they have much to share.

Winter Reading, Rita Richardson
Now is the time to study and plan the herbal paths to follow in the springtime.

The Story of Humans and Herbs, Jackie Johnson
Mythology, gods and goddesses, herbs - what's not to love?

Herbs of the Zodiac: Capricorn,
Susanna Reppert Brill/Bertha Reppert
This time around, those born betwixt December 22 and January 19 learn of the plants that are astrologically beneficial to them.

Order your subscription or renewal today, and get started on some of these empowering projects! Single and back issues are also available - as well as books and lots of herbal goodies. It's time to get your herbie on!

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