Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weed Walk

 Our last gathering for this spring was a weed walk.  Rain was threatening and it was chilly, but our intrepid band of wanderers donned boots and jackets and headed out into the woods.  Because the timing of everything in this very strange spring is so different, we got to get a good look at things we might not usually be able to see due to overgrown brambles or underbrush like honeysuckle and poison ivy.  Bob went out a few days ago and mowed a marvelous path next to the creek for easy access, too.
Some of the things we've introduced have done an amazing job of spreading.  The Solomon's Seal that we planted a few years ago is all over the place, and although we planted a variegated single plant, an area of about 6 square feet is now covered with both variegated and non-variegated plants.  The ramps are now lush, and 3 of the 5 species of introduced trillium have flourished, along with both wild gingers.
 The mayflowers are in bloom.
The jewelweed now has true leaves and succulent stems.  Most of it is about 6" tall.

 The phlox is something that we have rarely gotten close to, since it usually blooms in the end of May when everything is wild and difficult to walk through.

So far we have white and pink open, with magenta soon to follow.

This trillium has more of a pink cast than shows up in this shot.  She has increased three-fold in 2 years.

It is difficult to see this one without crossing the creek and getting close.  It would seem that this vibrant color would call from a distance, but the flower nods, and can blend in with the browns of the rich woodland floor.

Cheerful buttercups peek out from a party of jewelweed, cleavers, speedwell, chickweed, and jack in the pulpits.

All of the false solomon's seal is preparing to bloom.  In another week, the woods will be filled with the plumes.

The shy little fern grew off the side of the path.

Sweet Cicely is just starting to bloom.
Back inside, Lorie thought this shelf mushroom smelled like a fresh loaf of homemade bread.  We used it and some turkey tail shelf mushrooms to make a tincture.

It was an amazing walk.  We continued up to my house, digging out errant motherwort, mugwort, and some Herb Robert for those who were interested, before heading back to the workshop to put together a tincture and enjoy some conversation and silliness.  We've enjoyed this series of classes and are pondering our schedule for fall.

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Faith said...

This looks fun, and I wish I could have joined you. That magenta trillium is a stunner. good pictures...


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