Saturday, June 14, 2014

Garden Highlights in Pictures

There will be several quarts of black raspberries!

Maybe this year the borage will reseed - like we hear others speak of.

An annual (here) milkweed for the butterflies.

Comfrey almost finished blooming.

First daylily.

Echinacea budding

elderberries forming

frilly henbit blooms above the chickweed and speedwell

horehound blooming

hyssop blooms are well loved by the bees (as are all of the blossoms in the garden)

jewelweed growing around the porch

lavender spikes are coloring up

we can't eat the nasturtium flowers fast enough

rose campion has been in every one of my gardens for the last 30 years

last year there was no St John's wort, but this year it is everywhere

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