Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Sky Juice (for bug bites)

We have a couple things going on here right now.  #1 is a little almost 1 year old named Sky living with us, and #2 is a flea invasion that seems to have come from nowhere.  They love Sky.  She's down there where they are and they see "feast!"  Her mama is beside herself every time she sees that perfect little body covered with bites.  So we're working on the invasion.
In the meantime, the little body is where I come in.  One of the things I love most about working with herbs is that there are very few times when I feel completely helpless in the face of things like this.  That's a real blessing.  I can set to work.
There were a few specifics when thinking about what to make:
*All ingredients should be non-toxic and preferably edible.
*No stinging alcohol or vinegar
*Too widespread for oily balm or salve (she's wiggly enough as it is)

The yard was full of great ideas.  The jewelweed is hanging through the porch railings.  The calendula is in the garden.  The plantain is throughout the lawn.  The peach leaves from the tree in the side yard I decided to add after hearing Jamie Jackson of Missouri Herbs sing their praises. 

I chopped everything finely and heated them gently for about 15 minutes.  We have a small 4 cup coffee maker that is great for one or two cups of brew, but additionally, when I want to really strain things well, I just use the front end - meaning that we don't use the water tank, just the strainer and pot.  It never gets plugged in or turned off for this.  No balancing mesh strainers, no extra measuring cups or utensils - easy.

When the tea had been strained, about 4 drops of lavender essential oil was added to the 2+ cups of liquid.  One ounce went into a small spray bottle.
The rest went into ice cube trays.
This way, after 2 days, we'll toss the remains in the spray bottle, wash it out, and put in new juice from a melted ice cube.  The ice cubes would be very soothing on a large rash too.

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Sassss said...

Tina, this is a GREAT idea! I love the ice cubes, but I think I love even more that this is inter-species safe. I'd be completely comfortable using it on pets & kids alike. And grownups, too, for that matter. (though they're usually the ones most likely to scoff :/ )