Friday, December 05, 2014

Help for Holiday Stress

We're in the thick of it now.  This time of year can be filled with joy.  If you happen to be one of those rare creatures that stepped right out of a Hallmark card with unlimited funds, this is when you shine.  The rest of us... we can find this season to be a real struggle.  Less than perfect family relationships, comparing ourselves to the media driven illusion, and trying to make everyone happy can be crushing in the face of all that gaiety!  Is everyone else as carefree and happy as they appear?  Well no, not really.  They're just like you.
There are a lot of simple things we're reminded to do every year.  Eat healthy foods.  Make a master list and schedule what you need to get done.  Realize your limitations.  Make time for family traditions.  Drink plenty of fluids.  Get plenty of rest (who comes up with this stuff???) and be sure to schedule things you truly enjoy.
In all honesty, our family is pretty chill about the holidays.  We make gifts or swap services/talents.  We have a great meal.  We spend a day in a nearby town with amazing small shops, and enjoy the old fashioned holiday vibe there immensely.  We choose a night to do the food shopping, and go LATE, missing the crowds. There are no little ones around, so that means it's a much calmer, quieter time (but kids are SO much fun).  After years of running several businesses between us, we've learned that we can only do so much and prioritize.  We even tried pushing it back a week one year, so that we could have that extra time when things calmed down - but that was a complete bummer.  We won't do that again.  It pointed out to us that we were sacrificing too much to work.

Over the years, we've found many things that helped us get through.  I think the hardest years were when we had the herb shop, soap biz, and tree farm all going at once, but even now it can be a lot to handle.  Below you will find some of our favorites. 

In our house, Cuppa Happy tea is a staple.  Herbs chosen to keep us happy and healthy, it tastes good and the act of stopping to make a cup of tea is a good reminder to take a breather.  There's a reason people around the world take tea in the afternoon.
 We put Stop the World together a couple of months ago, and decided to share it.  Things have been so hectic and hurried that we were starting to A) snap at each other, and B) shut down, letting things go that should have had our attention.  This blend of tulsi, mimosa, motherwort, and borage has been a game-changer for us.
 For years and years, the most popular Sniffing Jar in my sister's line was the Sinus Sniffing Jar.  In the last 5 or 6 years, the Stress Jar has crept up on it, though.  Life is full of stress, and we all know it.  This little jar filled with a blend of herbs and oils fits easily in a purse, desk drawer, or night side table.  If kept covered between uses, they retain their oomph for at least a year.
We also have bath teas in Soothing and Relaxing varieties.  Lots of lavender things like soap, spray, and lotion bars are on our website, and they can make a real difference.  Do a little stress free scrolling on our website, and you might find just the thing!
To help with gift shopping, we have gift certificates, gift subscriptions, and many wonderful gift ideas. 

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