Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring is Going to Pop

Today I got tired of being trapped on the shoveled paths and driveway, and pulled on my snow boots to take my chances.  It was in the low 30's, so the icy crust softened enough to walk on without breaking my neck.
There are a few losses.  The rosemaries gave up the battle a long time ago.  I expect most of the lavenders are dead, too.  It'll be a while before we know, but there are some things that were surprisingly alive.  I had to laugh when I looked at the horehound.  Usually nearly evergreen, this year only the tiniest bit at the very center of the plant shows signs of life.  It'll be fine thought.  Here are some of the sights I saw...
Witch hazel isn't blooming yet, but there are a lot of buds.

No"body" seems to like the vitex berries.  The birds leave them alone. 

Mountain mint seed heads.

Currant plants are covered with buds.

Parsley seedheads

Colorful growth on the fence rails out back

St John's wort leaves don't seem to mind the sub-zero temps.

Sage is still coming along.

A tiny sprout along the elder bough.

across the street

It was surprising to see how few animal tracks were out there.  Usually I can stand on the deck and see where rabbits and birds, raccoons, possums, and even the occasional deer have strolled through the yard.  This year there were just 2 sets of rabbit tracks across the yard.

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