Monday, March 16, 2015

Florida Herbal Conference


Last month I was lucky enough to be a patron of the Florida Herbal Conference (FHC) and it was quite a ride.

It was a humbling and encouraging experience for me. I am surrounded by herbs every day with my family, at The Rosemary House, or at Wish but being encircled by different people from different parts of the country taught me a lot.

Possibly one of my favorite parts was that everyone was more than happy to meet everyone. At class, at the tea porch, marketplace, or in line for food you could ask anyone, “how was your day?” and they would be more than happy to tell you. I was taken aback by the genuine goodwill and compassion everyone had.

I also loved how everyone was so excited to educate one another. I could ask anyone a question about herbalism and if they didn’t know we would find out the answer together. The passion within everyone was inspiring to say the least.

I'll be working on a more in depth article for the May/June issue of The Essential Herbal.  You can subscribe to TEH and get lots of great articles and shared experience!

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