Friday, June 05, 2015

Beeswax Alchemy - a review

We have a small stack of books here that are due to be reviewed.  It seems to me that in most cases Molly would be able to give a more meaningful point of view.  After all, she's the exact audience I hope will find my own books!  Well learned, unquenchable thirst for more knowledge, and still new enough to be thrilled - the perfect reviewer.

A Few Thoughts on “Beeswax Alchemy” by Petra Ahnert

First, the book is lovely and filled with delightful photos that made me want to make everything.

My previous knowledge of beeswax is somewhat limited. Since I was little I was always encouraged to craft with beeswax and I remember creating little animals and dolls. After reading Beewax Alchemy, I am more confident about using beeswax in crafts more complex than tiny bowls and doggies. This is a great introduction to beeswax and can be a solid foundation for anyone who wants to begin crafting soap, candles, salves, and some surprise treasures that could be fantastic for birthdays or Christmas. Here are a few of my favorites.

Fire Starters

This simple craft is perfect for a rainy day at home with kids or preparing for a camping trip. By dipping pinecones in beeswax and attaching wicks you can make beautiful, biodegradable fire starters that will look great in and out of the campfire.

A helpful part about her directions for this project (as well as others in the book) is that she gives advice in the note section.  In this project she advises you wait to until the cones are completely dry to avoid mishaps or injury. While to some it may seem like common sense, I know I would have plucked the pinecone straight from the tree this fall and dunked it in wax right away, causing an explosion that would make Wiley Coyote wince.

Beeswax Ornaments

These beautiful decorations can be a fun way to spend a snow day with your family or by yourself. These ornaments can make great gifts anytime of the year. They smell lovely and last forever. Be sure to have a sturdy candy mold for these and plenty of patience. While they will dry relatively quickly they will need time and care when you take them out of the mold.

This project is one of her beginner projects. I think it was clever that she worked through and graded each project on difficulty but makes it customizable for everyone. It helps you make a variety of crafts and build confidence to try the next one.

Rosebud Salve

While I use different ingredients, this salve definitely inspired me to create my split end wax. The hint of rose in the salve is perfect and works well to keep your hair healthy and shiny. All the crafts she demonstrates have practical use and often had me thinking, “Oh my gosh! That’s so smart!”

This book definitely inspired me to learn more about beeswax and find out what I can create with it. Beeswax Alchemy is a perfect introductory book or can reawaken those who haven’t worked with beeswax in years.
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Beehive Alchemy / Petra Ahnert said...

I am honored by such a well written review. Thank you!

Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh said...

You made me want to get this book ASAP. Thanks Tina!

Ann said...

I have the book, and I like it, the one thing missing, I thought, was a well written tutorial on rendering beeswax straight from the hive. I have a webpage devoted to it, it would have been nice to have the same thing in this book (I share info, I'm not looking to make any money). Here is the link, you can delete it if not appropriate.