Sunday, November 08, 2015

Herbal Sachets

Herbal Sachets
by Molly Sams
(Inspired by Tina Sams's Lavender Cat in By The Hearth p. 121)

Step One: Find some funky fabric and make a bag.
You can make other shapes like a heart, star, or kitty depending on what you or the recipient would like. I picked a basic bag pattern because I'm not the most talented seamstress.

Step Two: Pick the herbs for the sachet.
I picked chamomile, pink rose petals, and a bit of lavender. I've found in terms of lavender a little goes a long way.  These three herbs smell nice together.  In a drawer or closet, it will keep clothing smelling fresh, with the added benefit from the lavender being a great moth repellent.  Kept by the bedside, it would be relaxing.

Step Three: Put the herbs in the bag.  A canning funnel can be very helpful.

Step Four: Fold the ends in to the top of the bag and sew it shut.
Be sure to give the herbs some space in the bag to move and breath. This will help it stay fragrant longer.

Step Five: Make it pretty!

Optional: Add a few drops of an essential oil to enhance the scent.
Many other fragrant herbs can be used, depending on purpose.  

To make these as tree ornaments or gift tie-ons, use a fine organza fabric so that the herbs are visible, and sew a ribbon loop into one of the seams so that you have a hanger.  Pre-made organza bags with draw-sting tops are available from many outlets, too.

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