Sunday, December 06, 2015

A Stocking Full of Stuff Under $5

This morning, I started thinking about all of the great little items we have here that over the years have been purchased as stocking stuffers, office gifts, teacher gifts, hostess gifts - and so on.  Instead of making you dig through the whole website looking for inexpensive gifts, let me show you!  Everything pictured or discussed will be under $5.
Okay - let's go!

 You'll find small incenses (the incense matches are really great for changing the air in small spaces fast), and Palo Santo sticks.  We've got a lot of tea blends, heat sealable tea bags, infusers, and varied implements.  A nice mug with a couple ounces of different teas and an infuser makes a nice gift.  A handful of incenses in the stocking...

 We have 7 or 8 small books that address single topics.  They're very popular and contain lots of fun projects for everyone from beginners to seasoned herbalists.

 Single issues of the magazine are great, and the information never goes out of date!  We have several years of single back issues listed on the site to choose from.  They are all $4.95 through the current Nov/Dec '15.
Soap, soap, soap!  Our handmade soaps have been spreading cheer (and bubbles!) for over 20 years and we have people who have come back every single year to restock.  Well over 25 varieties to choose from, we're sure you'll find something you'll love.

 Solid perfumes/lotion bars - now including Dude and Patchouli - are always popular, especially the Amber.  They are also called lotion bars because they work so well on dry patches!
 Lipbalms - who doesn't need a few of these as the cold winds blow?

Tub teas are herb blends that have been neatly sealed into large tea bags.  We recommend brewing them in a large pitcher full of very hot water while the tub runs, and then pouring the well steeped tea into the tub. 

See?  Lots of great ideas, right? 

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