Saturday, January 09, 2016

Lavender Scented Bookmarks

I discovered a few handmade bookmark tutorials that I thought would be perfect to make for my mother’s Christmas present. I decided I would rework a few of them to include herbs inside the stitches so with each turn of the page she would have a whiff of lavender. Here are two ways I learned how to make lavender (or any herb, really) scented bookmarks.

Tie Bookmark (with or without charm)

This is a nice one because you can dress the bookmark up or down depending on your or your gift recipient’s needs. There is a little sewing experience necessary but if I can manage I’m sure you can make a stunning literary accessory!

You will need:
Lavender flowers
Needle (thin is best if the tie is silk so you avoid tearing)
Thread (again, thin)

15 or 20 minutes

Cut a section, about four to six inches, from the thinnest part of the tie. Sew one end shut. I use a back stitch so it will be a stronger seam without tearing.

Use a normal stitch to reinforce the stitch where the ends of the ties meet in the middle so your lavender buds don’t fall out.

Fill the tie with lavender, as much or as little as you would like.

Sew the other end with the back stitch.

Optional Charm Attachment:

Use ribbon or embroidery thread to attach the charm on one end and sew the other end to the tie’s end. I used old jewelry pendants.

Voila! Now you have a sweet gift for the literary enthusiast in your life!

No-Sew Bookmark

If you haven’t noticed I am not the best seamstress but I continue sewing despite protests from my loved ones. If you are as talented as I am with a needle and thread or simply do not have the supplies available here is a no-sew solution.

You will need:
Lavender flowers

About ten minutes


Cut where the tie becomes thinner toward the other side of the garment, about 14 inches from the tip.

Tuck in cut edge so it will not fray.

Fill tie with lavender buds. I used about 2 tablespoons but you will want to use your own discretion so it does not overwhelm you with the scent.

Once it is filled tie the cut side into a knot.

Now you can enjoy a relaxing lavender scented afternoon with a good book!

Posted by Molly Sams


Lisa said...

Awesome idea! I'll definitely be trying this. I have a few friends that I know will love this as a gift. Although, have you tried using some other material than a tie?

Tina Sams said...

You certainly could. The ties are nice because they are already a nice width and finished on the sides - plus there's the excuse to spend time in the thrift shop - but any other closely knit fabric would do.