Thursday, July 28, 2016

Confessions of A Disgruntled Herbie

One of my favorite coworkers partaking in a herbal treat I brought her from Mom's garden.
So lately I have been working a regular nine to five every few days along with working with TEH and The Rosemary House. It is definitely nice to have a change of pace and has given me new respect for those who work in front of a computer all day. With office work, though, comes plenty of office sickness. There is always someone with a chill, a cough, and ache, or a sniffle. While I have definitely stuck to my Astragalus tincture, fire cider, and herbal teas it’s difficult for me not to offer herbal remedies to my coworkers. I’ve been taking herbal remedies since I was little and it is difficult not to share the benefits. While some are willing to try many of them are resistant to the point that I have stopped offering. I have been able to sway some to the herbal side, however.

Practice what you preach

The best thing I can do to show people that the herbs I use work is to use them. There is a whole stack of herbal tea bags on my desk and a Joie de Vivre elixir by my side for when projects build up. I also use plenty of salves during the winter to keep my hands from getting dry and incense for when the office smells like someone’s leftovers. While this is beneficial for me my coworkers have also noticed that I haven’t been sick since I started (knocks on wood) and will often ask me for advice. Leading by example has definitely been the main reason people have begun using herbal remedies in my office but I also have a few other tricks up my sleeve.

Make it tasty

Not everyone wants to take a tincture or elixir. For those of us who aren’t already taking them, these remedies taste bitter, harsh, or too “green.” Because of this I have started giving the preparations in other ways. People are much more susceptible to teas, syrups, and candies. By using my elderberry jams and syrups on my bagels in the morning I have been more comfortable offering my coworkers a taste. They usually are more than happy to try a new sweet treat and will often ask where I found it. Candies are perfect as well. Everyone loves candy! My mother makes delicious hard candies that I adore. If you do not have a candy thermometer, however, herbal candies are readily available in any health food store or the organic section of grocery stores. I suggest starting with a lemon balm or lavender and honey candy and working up to elderberry and holy basil. That’ll help prepare their palettes.

Make it pretty

When I do offer a tincture or elixir I have found that if I use neat or fancy packaging people are more willing to take it. If they are willing to try something when you pack it up that night give it a label like, “Karen’s Sniffle Tea” or “ Andy’s Serenity Now Tincture.” Then add the ingredients onto the label and finish up. They will be so happy you thought of them and will be eager to give it a shot. Who knows, they may ask for more!

It’s OK if they say no

And you may not want to accept it but it is ok if and when they say no. I have a few coworkers that refuse to try my herbal goodies and that is totally ok. Not everyone grew up with alternative medicines or folklore that their family used to stay healthy. Many families often told their kids to pop and aspirin and take a break. Even more believed that home remedies were poppycock compared to modern medicine. Luckily those times are changing and plenty of people my age are beginning to learn more and more about herbalism. But until everyone sees the green light, I refuse to pressure people to take something they are uncomfortable with. So let them sniffle and cough and wheeze. They’ll eventually surrender when they see you happy and healthy.


IrisWeaver said...

Great post and suggestions!

Marge said...

Bravo, Molly! And your Mom's elderberry and holy basil candies are to die for!