Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Time Learning From Sage Mountain

The humble beginnings of Molly's apothecary.
The Science and Art of Herbalism has been a fascinating and challenging adventure that I am happy to experience. The past few years have been a whirlwind of classes and through that I have changed from a quiet observer (or guinea pig, if you ask me) to someone that feels confident and knowledgeable about the herbal world around her. While I still consider my mother an all-knowing herbal source she has encouraged me to seek out other mentors in my quest for herbal knowledge. That has luckily taken me to a plethora of instructors including Rosemary Gladstar and her course Science and Art of Herbalism, which I am still taking today, Susan Hess' Homestead Herbalism at Farm at Coventry, and my internship with Susanna Reppert at The Rosemary House.  There will be others, in time.

The lesson breakdown in this course is simple, thought provoking, and leaves the student plenty of avenues to explore. There are ten chapters in all and I believe you have three years to finish the chapters and corresponding assignments. While I’m taking my sweet time (I think I started at the beginning of this year) you can conceivably finish it in a few months. It all depends on your own discipline, drive, and other responsibilities. Possibly my favorite part about the work is the feedback on my assignments. The instructors always have wonderful advice, recipes, and ideas for you when they return your assignment. They are also quick to answer any possible questions you may have.

This link is to the Print + Online Course of Rosemary’s. I'd encourage people to do both since you get her beautiful binder to have as you are learning and making herbal preparations in the kitchen as well as the online portion for personal support, videos, forums and so much more.

This course has also opened my eyes to all the things I can do with herbs. Though every class teaches me more about the beauty of herbs I find that each course has something different to offer. Gladstar’s course gives you a wonderfully freeing and interesting insight into herbs. You are able to work on your own time and Rosemary Gladstar always encourages experimentation, alteration, and exploration. Like The Essential Herbal, which is always about encouraging people to find the ART and FUN of herbalism, The Science and Art of Herbalism course supports and encourages people to try, learn, and play with herbs. Instead of seeing it as a terrifying chemistry class, you are able to balance the formulas with the fun. Something I think is important no matter what you study.

What I’ve learned is to have confidence in myself and in the plant-life around me. This course has helped me become a happier and well-rounded herbal enthusiast. While I may not want to begin my own practice or offer herbal routines to the public I am thrilled to be helping my loved ones and friends with herbal remedies and treats.

Now I just have to learn how to encourage less herbally inclined people take the remedies…

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