Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sizzling July/August '17 Issue is Out!

Our newest issue went into the mail a few days ago and we saved one just for you!  Visit The Essential Herbal and sign up today!  Here's the new cover and what you'll find inside:
Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams
We’re zipping around, hitting festivals, and getting in some time to teach the things we love. Remembering why we do what we do!
About the cover—this winsome view of a blooming prairie on the cover has been painted by Aimee Bungard.
Angelica, Dr. Sharon Hagemann
Learn about this “giant, bold relative of parsley.” Culinary, growing, lore and medicinal information.
Growing with Kathy, Seasonal Maintenance, Kathy Musser
Organizing your gardening chores so you can enjoy your garden.
Lessons on Stewardship: Chinquapins, Chiggers, and Indian Pipes, Ruth Davis
Sometimes the natural world can communicate very clearly. We just need to listen.
Sangria and Toast, Rita Richardson
Perfect for those warm evenings after finishing in the garden, watching the world go by…
Six Herbs and Spices for a Cooler Summer, Marcy Lautanen Raleigh
“…when you’re feeling the summer heat, try adding these six herbs and spices into your diet, proven to actually cool down your body!”
Marvelous Marshmallow, Kristine Brown
All about this fabulous, soothing plant.
Summer Crafts, Tina Sams
Try one of these projects this summer.
The Ups and Downs of Trademarking, Angela M. Dellutri
Ever think about protecting your ideas legally? Read on…
List Article, Cold Teas
What are our favorite herbal blends for the hot months of summer? Here are ours.
Summer Soap Soiree, Marci Tsohonis
One phrase… “Champagne Hot Process Soap.” Okay???
Sweet Annie, Sandy Michelsen
Of all the artemisias, this fragrant, finely cut variety is a favorite of many.
Pestos and Pastas, Jackie Johnson
Dinner from the garden. Create your own pasta and the sauce to go with it.
Cheese Ball Pops, Sarah Liberta
Bite-sized treat on a stick.

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