Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The Garden Seed Saving Guide

The Garden Seed Saving Guide - Third Edition
Easy Heirloom Seeds for the Home Gardener
by Jill Henderson

 The time is now, seasonally and agriculturally, to make the effort to properly save viable seeds.
Now personally, I've always been pretty lackadaisical about it.  Pick a few flower heads here, some dried beans from the vine there, and several pods from that plant over there.  It has generally been good enough.  As I've mentioned many times, I can't throw a rock without hitting a roadside stand selling wholesome produce in the summer.  However, I've known that there were better ways to keep seeds.

This book is a treasure chest of information.  She covers a lot of relatively dry subjects with an easy and engaging style.  What's a biennial?  Why do we care about the Latin names?  Why do we want to remove the gelatinous membrane from tomato seeds, and how?  How long do seeds last, and how can we prolong their viability.  What is genetic diversity within a species, and why is it important to preserve?
Most of these are things that I had managed to skirt (while still having enough success with sowing veggies and flowers), but knew that they were important. 
Beginners will return to these pages again and again, while those who have been gardening for decades will find plenty of new and interesting information too.

You'll be amazed at how much is covered.

ISBN 978-1-57067-346-7
$9.95 ~ 64 pages
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