Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Some New Gifties for Spring in the Shop

We've been busy lately!
With Spring here (it really is, I swear), we look forward to a few gift giving occasions, and not so happily, to allergies, and bugs, and poison ivy, oak, and sumac (for starters). 
We put together some nice sets.  Have a look.  They're available on our site.

Aromatic, pure essential oils blended to make it easier to deal with allergy season.  Our Sinus Comfort Set is great!
When you're hitting the woods or meadow, be sure you're ready with our Outdoor Trio. 
This essential oil blend started with our renaissance festival days and is still one of our best sellers.
The wise woman in your home will appreciate your wisdom in gifting her with this set.

Perennial favorite, lavender.  Relaxing and refreshing at the same time. 

Hey hippies!  Come and get your patchouli.  We've got you covered.

For the guys.  This fragrance is very popular.  Masculine and clean. 
I usually don't like "foodie" scents in soap or body care, but the Blackberry Sage is different.  Just about everyone likes it.  They hold a bar, take a big whiff, and say, "Ahhhhh..." with a smile.
You'll find lots of other things, and of course OUR favorite gift is a subscription to the magazine.  That one you should just go ahead and give to yourself, right this minute.  Check out the May Day baskets while you're there.  Those are sweet!  Oh and the t-shirts!  And books! 

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