Sunday, December 22, 2019

REVIEW: Herbalism at Home

I was very lucky to receive an advance copy of Kristine Brown's new book, Herbalism at Home. Kristine's writing style has always been so enchanting that I was curious how that would come through in a book with a zillion bits of information confined in a specific number of pages.  The answer:  spectacularly!
To begin with, the book is beautifully designed.  A lot of people don't know this, but writers don't get a lot of input into things like the title, layout style, fonts, or even the illustrations.  Being a great illustrator for her own zine, it might have been difficult to let that control go, but they managed to capture Kristine's style. 

So what will you find on the 235 pages?  LOTS.  She starts out by explaining what herbal medicine is about and its benefits.  She proceeds to help the reader plan an herbal pantry and choose the tools and accoutrements required to make the preparations that will follow.
THEN come the herbs.  This is one of the most glorious and unique selections of herbs in any book of this sort that I've seen.

This is one of the beautiful "blank" pages.
Kristine chose herbs that many people who are just starting out might currently consider weeds.  She helps the reader realize that medicine is all around them if they just look around.  This has been one of my dearest goals for years, and it has been hers as well. 
I was thrilled to see black haw, black walnut, catnip, goldenrod, mugwort, prunella, wild lettuce, cleavers, poke, and yellow dock - all weeds full of good medicine.
125 remedies and recipes follow, for everything from allergies to warts - the kind of things we use herbs for at home.  Things we can made a difference with at home, like self-limiting illnesses, or even chronic illnesses that can benefit from herbal support.  It's truly a splendid volume full of recipes and herbal information that I know will come into use here even though I've been working with herbs for decades.  For the beginner, this is a gold mine.

The reader will feel like they know Kristine when they read this book, and isn't that how the best books are? 
HERBALISM at home, 125 Recipes for everyday health
Kristine Brown, RH(AHG)
ISBN: 978-1-64611-156-5  $19.95 US, $26.99 CAN
Release 1/7/2020. 
Pre-order HERE (Amazon)

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