Friday, August 28, 2020

September - October 2020 Essential Herbal

 The latest issue went out on the 20th and here's an idea of what you'll find inside.  In the meantime, we're working away on the extra content for Sept 20th, and the deadline for November/December (TWENTY YEARS!!!) is Sept 1.  
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Ana ‘Vee’ Valdez
   Stunning depiction of the harvest and preparation for winter in the world of the fae.
Field Notes from the Editor                                                                               
Herbal Sugars, Alicia Allen
  Tons of ideas for herbs to use AND recipes that incorporate the finished sugars. 

Last Year’s Herbs, Maryanne Schwartz
  There might be ways to utilize instead of tossing older herbs.                    
Herbal Energetics, Daniel Cashman
   How does taste affect the properties of herbs?     

Classic Rosehip Jam Recipe, Jessicka Nobesni
   Delicious, spicy, and wholesome jam 

White Horehound, Jackie Johnson
   Folklore, usefulness, remedies, and a recipe 

FAQ @ the Herb Farm, Kathy Musser
   What do you want to ask the herb farmer?  Maybe it’s already answered!           
Flu Fighter Tea, Kristine Brown
   From Kristine’s newest book, The Homesteader’s Guide to Growing Herbs  

Facebook Group Question
   What new herb did you grow or use this year?  Why?                                
Calendula officianalis, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
   All about Calendula, along with a recipe for cookies as well as salve instructions   

Foot Soaks, Rebekah Bailey
   Deep cleaning and healing soaks

It’s Bacopa, Bacopa Cabana, Tina Sams
   Bacopa appears to be a premier brain protecting herb!                               
A Talk with an Herbalist, Susan Hess
   Susan talks about the effects of moving a business a few hundred miles, and keeping up with the changes that accompanied the virus.     

More Last Year’s Herbs, Maryanne Schwartz
   … and then she thought of more!                                                                    
Gatherings, Tina Sams
   I can’t resist flowers and petals and bits of leaves or twigs.  
Meet Our Contributors
Who are these people?
Comforting Immunity Stew, Tina Sams 
   Warming, and delicious meal to welcome the cooler weather             

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