Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Just the Essentials - Sept. Specials


Just dropping by to announce a discount for US readers.
If you know other small business owners, you may have heard about the difficulties everyone is having in finding packaging, ingredients, and pretty much all of the things that we took for granted before the pandemic. It's getting slightly better - or maybe we're just getting more savvy - but it's been quite challenging.

This explains how I've come to be the owner of enough 2 ounce dropper bottles to last me the rest of my natural life. The only quantity available was 5X what I wanted, but that's how it's been going. 1 ounce? No problem. 2 ounce is a big problem right now.  It could switch next week. So...

 We're having a 2 week sale on 2 ounce bottles of tinctures and blended tinctures, ending on September 20. No code needed, the discount is automatic.

Also, we vended at a show over the weekend, and quickly sold out of the Blue Butterfly Pea flower tea we took along. People told us they'd been looking for it and couldn't find it! This is the ingredient that is showing up in all the blue lattes and brews at the $$$ coffee shops.  What they aren't doing (that we've noticed) is add a tiny squeeze of lemon that magically transforms the blue liquid to vibrant purple.  If you've been looking for it -  We have it!

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