Saturday, October 22, 2022

Essential Herbal - November December 2022

This issue came together out of moonbeams, spider webs, magic, and the scents of wood smoke and apple cider.  In other words, we're not quite sure how it happened. 
Since we (sadly) gave up print, we've cut our deadlines paper-thin, and added the Extra! for the in-between months, so that every month we have a deadline with just 20 days to put it together.  For this one, that included a week-long vacation across the country and a little elective medicine.  It was so tight that we finished up after supper on the last day!  In 22 years, we've never been that close to the edge, and if you've been around through the years, you know we worked through some pretty crazy stuff.  But we did it, thanks to our wonderful contributors and Maryanne's skills. 
Look at this cover!  The artist has created this delightful herbalist to whom we all relate, and shown her throughout the seasons.  This cover is her 6th, so "Willow" has now shown up in every season.  We'll have to come up with some way to lure her back for subsequent issues.
The contents are listed below...

Cover, Debra Sturdevant
Beautiful painting evokes the kitchen we all dream of on some level.

Excerpt from “Herbalism,” Adrian White
I always love reading how others were drawn into herbs and develop their viewpoints and favorite herbs.

Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams
So many plants, people and things!

Side Dishes with Fall Flavor, Alicia Allen 
Delicious offerings for the upcoming holidays!  Several serve well as main dishes, too.

Astragalus Chia, Mountain Rose Herbs
Classic herbs and spices with added adaptogenic properties!

An Herbal Gift Basket, Debra Sturdevant 
Wonderful ideas including several tea blends, tub teas, and how-tos for herbed vinegars and honeys.  Oh – and cookies!

How to Make Items on the Cover, Tina Sams 
Debra covered the vinegar, but I give instructions and recipes for all the other gifties strewn across the cover.

Christmas Gift Ideas,
Jackie Johnson
Unique, thoughtful, and inexpensive gifts from the heart.  The Memory Jar struck a chord with us!

Seeds or Plants? Kathy Musser 
Are you a seed person or a plant person?  Sometimes it depends on the plant.  Kathy helps you decide.

Winter Warming Appetizers, Marcy Lautanen Raleigh
Cocktail parties, get-togethers and family gatherings are all opportunities to share delicious treats from the kitchen. Dips, puffs, cheese straws and pretzels are some of these tasty bites.

Herbal Holiday Gathering Recipes,
Marci Tsohonis 
Eggnog, spicy cider, herby stuffed mushrooms, finger sandwiches, dips – and just in case they spend the night, a delightful recipe for fresh ginger muffins!

Figs! Susanna Reppert Brill 
More and more people are growing figs.  If you aren’t, you might want to think about it!

Meet Our Contributors....
A little about the people you’ll find in the pages of this issue.

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