Friday, November 17, 2023

Packaging for Handmade Herbal Goodies!

 We spend a lot of time coming up with things for our subscribers (and blog readers) to make - especially gifts at this time of year.  Coincidentally, my sister and I are going through the shelves of packaging that we've accumulated over the years.  We're offering it to you for your very special creations.  

I expect this clearing out to continue, but if you see something, don't delay.  We don't have a LOT of anything.  20 for most, 100 for a few - that's it. 
We will be correcting the shipping amounts when your order goes out, so if it seems high for 6 little bottles or jars, there will most likely be a refund.  We will NEVER charge more.
Everything costs the same - 50 cents a piece. 
Check it out here:  Essential Herbal

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