Friday, February 23, 2024

Essential Herbal, March/April 2024 issue

The newest issue is out, and it's full of wonder and just a tiny taste of spring!  As the articles rolled in I was more and more thrilled to see the variety and originality displayed.  I know I've said this many times, but after 20+ years, I still learn things from every issue.  That's pretty special.  Here's what you'll find inside:

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Crossword Puzzle, Tina Sams
On the Verge of Spring 

Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams
Do you notice the same trend that I do?  Welcome back to the enjoyment of herbs!

About the Cover, Maryanne Schwartz
Our favorite place to find drifts of wild flowers.

Teasel, Jackie Johnson ND
About the plant and its use against Lyme disease

A Year of Foraging, Rebekah Bailey
Mushrooms, hickory, and wild onions were this month’s finds.

Lovely Lavender, Alicia Allen
10 scrumptious ways to add lavender to food.

Burdock, Kristine Brown, RH(AHG)
All about this lush, generous plant.

Forest Bathing, Justin Ferko 
Have you wondered how to engage with the peaceful woods?

Foraging for Fluffballs, Amy Jeanroy
(… and by fluffballs, she means hamsters!)

Steeping Herbal Teas, Kathy Musser
How to obtain that perfectly brewed cup.

Spring Revival Herbal Tisane, Amy Jeanroy
As the plants come back to life, it feels like we do too.

Crystal Almond Bundt Cake, Marci Tsohonis
Almond, citrus, and cake – what more could you wish for?

Word Find Puzzle, Tina Sams
All about this issue and more

Lessons Learned, Marci Tsohonis
Healing our own patch of earth.

A Slice of Summer Now, Marci Tsohonis
A lemon cream tart that transports you into the sunshine.

Seaweeds in the Herbal Kitchen, Kristy Bredin 
There are many excellent reasons to include seaweed in your dishes.

Elderberry Pruning, Rebekah Bailey
How to take care of AND propagate your elderberry bushes

Using Lavender to Brighten Your Days, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
Lavender beads and firestarters are fragrant crafts that are fun to make.

Meet our Contributors  The wonderful group who shares their knowledge and stories.

For the Next Issue, ideas for writers and what to look forward to.

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