Tuesday, July 05, 2005

a little rain, and the world is new

We finally got some rain here last week, after weeks without. The chives below are just begging to become part of a delicately flavored vinegar, or a delicious omelet. Pass the baked potatoes!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Just that quickly, everything got lush and gorgeous. I'd been pretty focused on work lately, and so it was a huge surprise to see the wonders that had popped up and bloomed while I wasn't looking. Around here, the mimosa trees are just incredible. They seem to be a deeper shade of pink than usual, but perhaps that's just my memory. It seems that each year I am again surprised by the beauty around me. There are wild hollyhocks springing up along roadsides in many shades of pink and scarlet. Even the sweet yellow clover and the goat's rue is brighter than usual. The woods where we merrily hiked in early spring are now so grown that it would be difficult to get to the stream.

I've been staking out some stands of plants and hope to get pictures of them tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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