Thursday, August 04, 2005

another issue goes to print

The Sept/October issue of The Essential Herbal went to the printer's today. I was in a huge hurry to complete it, since it absolutely MUST be in the mail before we head out for the Chicago Area Soap and Candle convention on Friday.
This one had me banging my head on the desk, with many, many photos sent in by contributors, and lots of different types of submissions. BUT, it is without a doubt the best ever. I know, I know, I say that all the time, but this time (ha ha ha) I really mean it. Each one really is better than the last, and each one amazes me. Image hosted by
We had several readers who sent highlights from their summers. We also put together a great article from the Yahoo list, where we all talked about our favorite herbs. There's a wonderful article on Bee Skeps, another on Saffron, one on making medicinal cordials, blending teas, and making wreaths. And then there are terrific recipes scattered throughout. Surely I'm missing some of the articles, because it is just so jammed. Oh yeah, making potpourris.... Oh, and lots on sage.
More than anything, I realized while putting it together that we have created a community of sharing. The information flows in, and my function is simply to arrange it. What a great job!

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