Monday, August 29, 2005

on the road again

Today is the last day of summer for the kid, so that meant a little shopping. First I had to pick her up from a slumber party, and along the way I passed a little bridge over a creek, chocked with jewelweed and tons of other brush. Its been so dry here lately that the rain from the weekend revived the creek and the plants that had their feet soaking in it. The jewelweed below is in bloom, and you can see the little orange flowers.
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Growing alongside the bridge was a bright purple morning glory among the thistles The color was so striking, that I had to take a picture. They are so cheery in the morning - in stark contrast to the teenager who was waiting in the car.
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Then we headed to an outlet center in nearby Hershey PA. Its interesting to drive under the roller coasters and past the zoo. The streetlights in Hershey are shaped like Hershey kisses - some with the wrappers on, and some brown. The whole town smells deeply of chocolate, and there are beautiful homes built long ago when Milton Hershey and his company were building the town. The story of Milton Hershey is an interesting one. He wound up building a school for orphans that is still in operation. The school provides incredible opportunities for children that wouldn't otherwise have them. There are travels, scholarships, and jobs for the kids who take their classes seriously.

But the trip was not without the usual road construction. Oh my no. There was one line up that had men getting out of their cars and wandering around (that always helps) trying to figure out what the hold-up was. I pondered the use of gasoline while the car idled for a good 10 minutes - along with about 100 other cars. But along the creeping way we passed one of the roadside stands that are so prevalent around here during the summer. It was a good chance to take a picture as we were going about 2 mph.
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These are almost always run on the honor system. You take what you want and leave the proper amount of money. Occasionally kids come along and take a handful of money, but for the most part they are left alone. They are one of the things that I miss most during the winter. Soon the vegetables and fruits of summer will be replaced with pumpkins, squash, and corn shocks. Eventually there will be Christmas tree stands in some of the stands. There's always something to shop for along the back roads here.


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