Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sept/Oct issue is out!

The newest issue of The Essential Herbal is in the mail and should be reaching subscribers and shops right about now. We had fun putting this one together, and used the arbor of gourds that I've talked about in past posts for the cover. All of our regular writers were here, in addition to some wonderful articles from guest writers. Even Molly got an article together, talking about what it was like to grow up with an herbie for a mom.
We had to increase the size of the magazine by 4 pages this time because of all the wonderful information. 32 pages is our goal, but this time we just had to go to 36.
Below, you'll find the table of contents...

Table of Contents

~Harvest Crossword PuzzleField Notes from the Editor
~Suburban Herbie—Roots and Runners by Geri Burgert Finding depth and friends in herbs.
~Never Enough Thyme by Susanna Reppert Help With Kelp
~Fried Dandelion Flowers from Roni Palmer
~Kids Korner with Karen Lee Hegre
~The Olive Tree by Gail Faith Edwards
~Favorite Recipes Sarah Liberta Overstuffed Artichokes and Savory Herb Bread Pudding
~Horehound Lozenges, Karen Lee Hegre
~Intl. Herb Conference Report by Karen Creel Lots of news and recipes from the conference
~Making a Fresh Herbal Wreath by Mary Ellen Wilcox
~Down on the Farm– by Michele Brown Round Two and Beyond
~Gorgeous Gourds by Tina Sams How to craft with gourds
~List Article—compilation Trying New Things
~The Herbal Pantry by Susan Evans
~Marshmallow by Maureen Rogers Everything you ever wanted to know and more about this plant.
~Making Mead by Connie Nordhus Homemade Inebriants
~Growing Up Herbie by Molly Sams Reflections on growing up with an herbie mom

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