Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Essential Herbal - May/June 2009

If you are a subscriber to The Essential Herbal magazine, this issue is in the mail and will be reaching your home by the first week of May. If you are NOT a subscriber to The Essential Herbal magazine, you are really missing out. This magazine is chock-full of wonderful herb information, from culinary to medicinal to folk lore to chemistry (for Pete's sake!) and back again. One of the highlights of this issue would have to be the pictures of apothecaries and workrooms sent in by several herb businesses and herbal enthusiasts. It's so much fun to see how other people work. 6 fabulous issues every year for $24. Subscribe today!TABLE OF CONTENTS

Field Notes from the Editor
Flower Essences Part 3, Kristena Haslam
Stinging Nettles, Susan Evans
Seborrhea on Dogs, Kathi Garrison
Louisiana Lagniappe - Butterfly Cake, Sarah Liberta
Our Workspaces - a compilation
Down on the Farm - Companion Planting, Michele Brown and Pat Stewart
The Global Herbal, Asia Part 1, Marita A. Orr
The Herbal Laboratory, Cory Trusty
Ginseng - An Herb for the Ages, Joe Smulevitz CH, MH
Herbal Fast Food, Maggie Howe
SouthRidge Treasures - Herbal Butters, Mary Ellen Wilcox
Start Mindfully Marketing your Herbal Business, Jenn Givler
Suburban Herbie - The Garden of Relativity, Geri Burgert
The Soap Pot - Slow Cooker Hot Process, Alicia Grosso
Herbalism Abroad - an Interview with a Mayan Herbalist, Betsy May
Lignans, Cindy Jones
Magick of Mint, Gale La Scala
Caraway 10 Ways - Sue-Ryn Burns

See what I mean? Even skipping the usual word puzzle, we still had to add 4 pages (again). The Essential Herbal is also available to herb shops and businesses wholesale, as are our books. The advertising rates are the best in the business. Come check us out! All of the back issue tables of contents and covers are on our website.


Daisy Soap Girl said...

I want to subscribe, please tell me how.

Laura said...

Love Love LOVE the cover! And so glad to be a subscriber and happy reader of TEH :)

Tina Sams said...

Daisy Soap Girl - It is easy to subscribe! Go to and order today!

Lisa Abdul-Quddus said...

I let my subscription expire and I see I'm missing out on so much. Lots of helpful info and I love the "look" of this publication. It's definitely time to renew.:-)