Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here we go - Spring '09

When I woke up this morning and sat at the desk, the sun was coming over the horizon, cutting through the fog, and casting a shell-pink glow on the blossoming nut trees leading down to my sister's house. It is becoming the fairyland that always enchants me once again.
We are in the throes of getting ourselves together for the PA Herb Festival tomorrow, and Maryanne took John for a paracentesis today while I did some things here that needed to be done. But... somewhere in mid-afternoon I had to go see what was happening. This tulip is right outside the shop. Is it stunning, or what???
These trout lily (dog-tooth violet) buds were the first I spied. In a few days...Sunday for sure, the floor of the woods will be covered with flowers. At the same time, these beauties - Spring Beauties - are starting to open. In the spaces between the yellow trout lilies, the spring beauties will nestle.
Mr. Spider gets into the action here along with the speedwell and spring beauty. Everything is in full gear.

Here Mayapples are in varying states of unfurling. I wonder if I listened closely... do they pop when they open?
This picture has such diversity. At the top left are spent bloodroot petals, ad to the right are mayapples. In the center are sweet violet leaves and then we have a fully opened trout lily.
This jewelweed has a set of "real" leaves. In a couple of weeks it will be nearly as tall as me and the stalks will be succulent and juicy.
A slightly different type of spring beauty, with more elongated petals.The dutchman's breeches are fully in bloom. I can barely stand how beautiful they are.
Ok, that's it for today. Sometime soon I will once again post some recipes and medicinal herbal information. But for now.... it's walks in the woods!

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You know, if folks want recipes and herbal info, they can always subscribe to the magazine... ;<)