Monday, October 05, 2009

Let's Get Lost on a Country Road

I wonder if the currently coming-of-age generation has ever had the chance to just get lost for a bit. I remember that it was a legitimate Sunday afternoon pursuit, giving credence to the term "Sunday driver". Families would wander back roads in search of seasonal changes, ideas for home plantings and decor, or just to enjoy the ride and the company. As we got our driving licenses back in the 70's, we looked for remote places to watch sunsets or wildlife. We went on "know your county" rides, and made friends or ran into each other at overlooks and swimming holes. When the first gasoline crisis hit, it was the first notion that perhaps it was more than cash we were spending on those rides, and they became few and far between.
Last year Molly and I became intentionally "lost" on the way home from visiting her college-to-be. We saw amazing things! I did it again yesterday, right here at home. For an hour I chose only roads I'd never heard of before. Never going more than 10 miles from home, I saw beautifully maintained farms, hillsides and streams, valleys and meadows. It was fun and relaxing. Once a year I don't feel bad about driving aimlessly to find out what's behind the next bend.
Then I came home to realize it is gorgeous here!
The obligatory last passionflower of the season...Vitex berries ripening in the sun...A clutch of mums murmuring to each other. Can't you just see their faces and even make out expressions? Or is that just me?The golden ring on the brown cones is enchanting as the setting sun hits these blossoms...Bog sage still shows off azure blooms against the green grass.My newest toy, the composter. It's enough to make me want to cook more fresh veggies - lol.


Comfrey Cottages said...

i could see their darling faces also tina!! ;0 oh good for you going and getting lost! it is good for our souls to wander! big herbal and honey hugs and thanks for sharing:)

motheralice said...

I love to just get out and drive. It relaxes me and gives me time away from everything so I can decompress and let my mind be.

Wonderful pictures!