Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The November/December 2009 Issue

We had one of our soap marathons this afternoon, and in the course of conversation discussed the fact that we always let our product speak for itself. The other day a wholesale customer was asking us about some wild claims they'd heard about some other soaps, and wanted our opinions. It started us thinking that we just don't have the proper bragging genes. The soap is good, we say... try it and you'll see, and we leave it at that.

Now I'm realizing that I do all of the writers who contribute to TEH a disservice by not making more noise about what a really terrific magazine this is. Looking for a good read? Want to learn about all the different ways herbs can enhance your life? One of the things we hear the most is that the magazine makes people feel like they can do it too! Each page has something that will make you think, make you want to try it, or make you need to grow it! The magazine is inspiring and instructive, making herbs accessible to everyone. That is our goal, and with the help of our contributors, it is met every single issue. If you aren't familiar with the magazine, read the on-line sample that you can download on the sidebar (or HERE if you're on a feed)!!!Here's what we have for you in this issue:

Field Notes from the Editor
Film Review - Numen, the Nature of Plants
Down on the Farm, Merry Christmas, Naturally! Michele Brown & Pat Stewart
Historic Herbal: Likable Lohocks, Kathleen Setzer
Tales from the Tetons, Kristena Haslam
Rooibos, Barbara Tuson
Never Enough Thyme, Botanical Angels or Fairies, Susanna Reppert
Global Herbal, Latin America, Marita A. Orr
Christmas is for the Birds, Betsy May
Season of Tisanes & Teas, Mary Hammond
Cardamom, Lisl Meredith Huebner
SouthRidge Treasures, Herbs at Christmas, Mary Ellen Wilcox
List Article - Our Favorite Remedies for Colds and Flu
Garlic for Winter Health, Cindy Jones
Cold & Flu, Cathy Walker
The Fig Tree, Gail Faith Edwards
The Soap Pot, Coming Back to Soaping, Alicia Grosso
Daily Herbs, Susan Evans
Kathy's Harvest, Lavender Heart, Kathy Musser
What Goes Around, Sue-Ryn Burns
Louisiana Lagniappe, Green Eggs & Ham, Sarah Liberta
- Lots of information, recipes, crafts, and herbal lore! This is THE magazine for the herbal enthusiast.

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Laura said...

That cover looks AMAZING! I feel like you top yourself every time with each issue that comes out. And the list of articles looks really wonderful. Can't wait for my TEH to arrive! :)