Friday, November 27, 2009

Great Christmas Trees in Lancaster County

There are tons of choices around here, and you can spend anywhere from $30 right on up to way over $100 for a fresh cut tree that you choose and cut yourself. What is the difference? Probably a cup of cocoa and a hay ride, really.
Frog Hollow Evergreens, between Manheim and Mount Joy is the lower end of the spectrum. ALL cut trees are $30! You have to bring your own thermos full of cocoa, but you can save that $70 - $100 for something else.

The farm has been owned by Bob and Maryanne Schwartz (my sister and her husband) for over 20 years. Bob was raised on an evergreen nursery, so when they purchased this hillside covered with trees that was already in operation, it was a perfect fit! Over those years, we've had the opportunity to see families grow, change, and add or lose a generation. The customers came to love Jellybean, a sheltie who felt it was his duty to escort everyone up the hill. When Jellybean died one Christmas morning after completing his yearly duties, Rudolph joined the family and has taken up the cause - albeit not quite as willingly.
My house is on a hill surrounded by the trees. From it, I can see almost all of the fields. I can see the children skipping along beside their parents, and sometimes hear their voices. The excitement is everywhere, and it rolls around the hills everyday from now until December 21st - 9am until dusk. My sister and I have put our collective wares together in a little shop, and every year we meet new people and make new friends. It's a lot of fun.

Varieties available are: Canaan fir (a cross between Fraser and balsam that grows best in our area - lovely!), Douglas fir, Concolor fir (orange scented needles), White pine, Norway spruce, and Blue spruce. They can be drilled for the Stand-Straight (r) tree stands - free of charge. Trees are also tied with netting for transport, also free of charge. The stands are available for sale, as well as tree bags, and you can get pre-dug trees, but I don't have those prices off the top of my head.

Directions are on their website ( or you can give them a call at 717-653-5666. Come on out and get a fresh tree! See you soon, and Happy Holidays!


Bridgett said...

Wow...wish I lived closer! A tree with an orange scent sounds just lovely! ;)

Comfrey Cottages said...

ooo your home sounds like is in a magical spot tina:) what a nice family business(s) you all have:)