Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stay tuned - we've been busy!

During the past week, things have been humming along at a brisk pace here on the hill.
The next issue is packed up and ready to go to the printer bright and early on Monday. It is fabulous (again)!

Midweek we did a demo for a local women's group, and they started buying the soaps we took along before the program even got started :-). They were a welcoming, fun group. We love doing local workshops, talks, and programs!
We quickly changed gears and spent 2 days filming (? what do you call it these days?) the newest DVD. It is about making balms and salves. While it is being edited, we'll be putting together a kit to go with it, and with any luck it will be available in a week or so. This came about because when we'd post about our local classes, we heard from so many people who'd like to take them, but they are far away. With the dvd's and kits - it is almost like being here!

Today's class wasn't popular, so instead we'll pound out 8 batches of soap and then sit down and hammer out the class schedule for January and February. We're looking at things like Herb Beads, another Soapmaking class, Herbs for First Aid, Kitchen Cosmetics, Medicinal Vinegars, and maybe something really fun for Super Sunday. If you are nearby and have something specific you'd like to learn, drop us a line! The new schedule will be posted here and on the Twisted Sisters blog tomorrow.

We're working on a couple of other surprises, but I'll write about that a bit later when they are closer to being ready.


Comfrey Cottages said...

wonder twin powers... activate. now you and maryanne clink your rings together.. amazing, you ladies so rock! big herbal and honey hugs to you both:)

Laura said...

Yup, lady, it's definitely called filming. Welcome to it! Can't wait to get my own Twisted Sisters DVD! I'll also check the TS blog! Sounds like fun!