Friday, March 05, 2010

Outside - in no particular order

I finally got into the woods today, and it was good. The birds were everywhere, singing their songs, and the creek was high and hurrying along.
I loved the look of this tree, clinging to the bank while hanging out over the water. It has been growing that way for several years by the look of it.
This long fallen tree hosted somebody over the winter.

And most certainly this is the entrance to a gnome home... In a few short weeks, this bank will be filled with the wildflowers that draw me out again and again, with their yellows, blues, pinks, whites, and magenta. Hard to believe right now. This path runs along the creek, and you can see how the deer have traveled this way many times. Along the way I saw many places where they chose to cross the water to the hill on the other side which leads to a field. Outside the shop, daffodils poke up their leaves next to a sage plant. I'm not sure who this was. A raccoon? Squirrel?

The buds of the star magnolia look very promising indeed.

A view of the sodden ground leading into the woods. You can hear the ground seeping water everywhere. I hear a single bullfrog call - just once. I couldn't stand anywhere for long, as the ground sucked on my boots.

Finally, this growth inside the shell of a hollow tree trunk reminded me of a profile of old man winter, begrudgingly giving up his space to the spring. Give it up, pal.

Ah... such sweet dreams of spring are upon us now. It's almost over, this dark, dreary spell. I could smell it.


Comfrey Cottages said...

oh you are right tina, give it up buddy... make room for the new gal in town, ms. spring! lol really cool looking walk hon. so wonderful just to get out and see, smell and experience something besides the inside of the house, i am certain:) big herbal and honey hugs to you. that was neat seeing the hollow log someone had overwintered in. i am reading a book called the secret life of deer. seeing your deer crossings made me think to share that title. thanks you for sharing your walk with us:)

Laura said...

GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing your walk in the woods with us.

PeggyR said...

Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing your walk.

Tina Sams said...

Leslie, I read The Secret Lives of Bees, so tell me... what is the Deer book about? Deer?
Really, I'm not being a smartie.

Marnie Plunkett said...

Yesterday my son said he saw a bee. I can't verify, and we've had another night of a hard freeze here in central Hoosier land....but oh...let's hope!