Monday, March 01, 2010

March on(e)

One of the benefits of blogging for 5 years is the ability to go back and see what was really going on at this time for each of those years. I've always been prone to journaling, but in this case, many times there have been photographs and weather related rambles. Yes, it IS true that other years were greener and warmer. It wasn't just my imagination or longing. Last year was snow-covered too, though.
It's sort of funny to me. My grandmother always kept diaries. She would list who she saw or talked to, often what she ate, but always some commentary on the weather.
As a youngster, that struck me as such bland fodder. I mean, what about love? Where was the gossip? How did she FEEL about things?
Now I get it.
Having spent most of February "holed up", reading and writing, and thinking, I can understand that the weather is part of everything we do. Living more-or-less in the country, our activities are ruled by the ability to actually get out of the doorway and how well our vehicle navigates whatever the heavens send forth. Our moods, our communications, our movements and the very air we breathe depends on what happens outside the house. I'm not sure I ever truly understood that before.
Today is almost seasonal. There is some snow melt going on, and amidst the still present drifts and piles, I was able to bend closer and see that someday soon Spring will get here. The chickweed is nestled under the evergreens.Spring is putting on her dancing shoes right now and pressing her colorful clothes. Baby blue-eyes and red dead nettles struggle forth, blooming in spite of everything.
I could not be more ready.


Anonymous said...

can red dead nettles or baby blue-eyes be eaten?

Rosemary said...

I loved the visual inspired by the fact that 'spring is putting on her dancing shoes'. Thanks!

Tina Sams said...

Annette - I have not eaten either, but (have to do a little research here)think that possibly red dead nettle is edible - just not sure. There are so many luscious edibles right around the corner that I never stopped to think about it.

Thanks, Nancy. That's what I always think when the bleeding hearts bloom, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

No worries on the nettles. I'll do some reading. =)

Beth said...

I love the poetry in your writing! Makes me hope for spring, even up here in the white tundra of NY. LOL

Laura said...

Ditto across the board!

Comfrey Cottages said...

beautiful thoughts, and pictures tina:) i have not found chickweed in my yard this spring, so ordered seeds of it! lol i am sure there are some out there but with one year old dylan in tow... still too chilly to traipse him about! lol so i will try to cultivate some! i will let you know how that does:) sending you big herbal and honey hugs

SierraSnowSoaps said...

My dear MIL kept journels and I got them when she passed away. She was 92 and an artist, reader, collector, could sew, and EVERYTHING grew in her garden. I miss her very much. She would write everything down and I love going back and reading what she wrote about me, :), she loved me.
Michelle in NV

Anonymous said...

I often wonder if instead of keeping an online blog/journal, if a handwritten one would be better. Something tangable that could be passed down to the next generation.