Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh Spring? Bring it on!

We've spent the last few days whipping up our spring offerings. Normally, we'd wait a few more weeks, but the wholesale customers with my sister's soap company have been shopping up a storm! It seems like we've been making soap constantly, but the shelves don't show it. They are available for retail sale on The Essential Herbal website, too.
Since yesterday, we made a gorgeous batch of Happy Wanderer soap, made with jewelweed and plantain, and a little lavender and tea tree essential oil. In the summer, we gathered lots of extra jewelweed and plantain, and processed it so that it would be ready in the early spring.
We made rows of bottles of Git Spritz and several dozen Git Sticks. The Hiker's Releaf Spray is all ready to go, too.
In between, we made a batch of Ocean Salt Spa Bars, some Granny's Lye Soap, Apple Snap, Gardener's (with cornmeal, comfrey and tea tree oil), Apricot Freesia, Honey 'n Oats, Grapefruit Lily, Rosemary, Ginger, Lilac, and 4 half batches of test fragrances - all of which we love!
We still have some things to catch up on. Boo-Boo Balm is low, as are the Amber lotion bars and the Arnica Rub sticks. Oh and lip balms. And the Oats 'n Flowers facials... But a few days of determined work, and we'll be up to snuff.

AND we've started some earnest work on the next book from TEH - By the Hearth. By the Hearth will be a compilation of the Fall and Winter issues from the first five year, and be a companion to Under the Sun, which covers Spring and Summer from the same time period. There are a few other projects waiting to unfold, but for now just packing and shipping the orders as they come in is filling in all the gaps.

It feels great to get back in the groove :-)


Jackie said...

Hi Tina--
Just checking in on a few of the blogs I like and I see you girls are back at it. Nice to see you thinking about Spring...even though the weather is lagging a bit!
Jackie in FL from Soapnuts

Bridgett said...

Wow...it all sounds wonderful!