Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Essential Herbal - Nov/Dec 2010

The Nov/Dec 2010 issue of The Essential Herbal magazine is in the mail! Here's a little look at what to expect:Table of Contents
Field Notes from the Editor
Tales from the Tetons: Crafts and Food, Kristena Haslem
Beeswax ornaments and some spicy, warming recipes.
Baking Old-Fashioned Sourdough Bread, Melissa Nicole Sidelinger
From making your own starter, to taking that hot bread out of the oven!
Feverfew, Cindy Jones
Information about feverfew in skincare and arthritis.
Gifts for New Herbies, Tina Sams
Ideas on what a new-to-herbs friend might want to build an apothecary of their own.
Hibiscus Acetosella, Cory Trusty
How to use this herb for vinegar, vinaigrette, and a sweet and sour sauce.
Try a Tincture Mary Hammond
Simple instructions for making tinctures with alcohol, vinegar, and glycerin.
SouthRidge Treasures: Under the Mistletoe, Mary Ellen Wilcox
A long, lore filled past brings this herb to our doorways… sacrificial bulls, white robed Druids, and much more.
The Lore of Holiday Plants, Jackie Johnson
There is much magic and medicine in the history of the plants we gather ’round us in the Yuletide.
Herbs of the Zodiac: Sagittarius, Susanna and Bertha Reppert
Anyone for some Sagittarian Apricot Crunch?
A Month of Herbs, Rita Richardson
There’s something herbie to do everyday in the month of December.
Autumn Baked Vegetables, Rosanne Tartaro
Roots and spices roasted together for a delicious meal.
Louisiana Lagniappe: Spiced Fruit Compote, Sarah Liberta
Fruits and spices combined to make any holiday gathering even more special.
Licorice, Maryanne Schwartz
Although real licorice is rarely on the candy shelf, this delicious root is full of beneficial actions.
Spice Wreath, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
Gather ye nutmegs, while ye may…
Historical Herbal: Astrological Botany, Kathleen Setzer
How were herbs classified astrologically during Elizabethan times for medicinal use?
The Soap Pot: Castile Soap, Alicia Grosso
Pure, gentle, olive oil soap, gilded with herbs.
The Global Herbal: North America, Marita A Orr
The evolution of herbal medicine in North America, a fascinating history with discussion of several specific herbs.
Keep an eye out. We'll be running a pre-order special for By the Hearth in the next couple of days, and there will be a drawing with great prizes with everyone pre-ordering automatically entered.

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