Friday, July 08, 2011

Virtual Garden Tour - Green Spiral Herbs

Before heading west, we're going to visit with Essential Herbal subscribers Betty and Dan Pillsbury from upstate NY. Middleburgh, to be precise. The Pillsburys are the proprietors of Green Spiral Herbs, where Betty whips up glorious herbal concoctions that heal as well as appealing to the senses. The two of them have created a lovely homestead and herb farm and recently opened a shop on the property as well, where classes are conducted in addition to the availability of Green Spiral products.
Last night I wore myself out trying to figure out how Betty gets everything done. Besides her much sought after expertise in herbs, she is also an award winning (many, many times over) artist with her needle. Crazy quilts, beading - almost anything creative - you'll find Betty has excelled in it.
Betty and Dan are some of the people I've been fortunate enough to meet in real life, thanks to one of our local herb festivals. It has probably been close to 10 years now, and it has been a joy to grow our businesses at the same time and cheer each other on.
On to the garden pictures:
In early summer, a profusion of roses and valerian bloom up by the house. The birds most likely jostle for the chance to build a nest in those houses!A fairy watches as a bee plays drowsily at gathering pollen from the thyme blossoms.A bench awaits the herb gatherer after a busy day of gardening. Sweet Autumn clematis blankets the tree with fragrant blooms.Duchess of Albany clematis is bursting into bloom.I saved the best for last. This meadow looks out over the handsome rolling landscape that is part of upstate NY's charm. To work in this garden might feel like being on the top of the world, beyond cares, beyond the worries of the city. Is it just me? Do you think you'd spend your time singing while working there? The hills are alive... something like that.
I think I'll have to wander up there sometime. She's promised me pumpkin ravioli, and this woman can cook!
In the meantime, if you're a subscriber and would like to share your garden with other readers this summer, drop me a line!
Til next time....


Nestforawren said...

Betty, there is it! My dream garden. :-) So lovely, especially your final picture. Thank you for the tour. :-)


MoPTB said...

Oh yes! I could work there, most definitely.