Sunday, July 17, 2011

Virtual Garden Tour - Laura in Manhattan

This is a garden TEH has had the pleasure of enjoying ourselves on several occasions. The first time, it was early spring and I noticed some wild edible weeds in the planters. Chickweed is one that I specifically recall. It is near the intersection of 10th Ave. and 57th St. in Manhattan, truly a city garden.

Laura Daniel takes us to the rooftop garden of her high-rise home. The view is amazing, and includes the East River as well as miles and miles of the city.Flowers and foliage are artistically planted into built-in raised planters that match benches and furniture that welcome those looking to relax.
The contrast of beautiful, healthy plants and the big city just seems to make the plants all the more delightful.Tomatoes are staked and form a green wall next to a cozy bench.Layered raised beds hold all kinds of culinary herbs.In the background, there is a vine being trained between the large beige poles, and many herbs grow surprisingly well.The lushness of the plants tell of the great care that they receive. Someone spends a great amount of time in this garden. I wonder if that vine is some sort of bean or if it will be a moonflower or morning glory.Tomatoes will soon be turning red.Luscious, lustrous eggplants ripen and will soon be someone's dinner.Fennel and other culinary herbs growing.These gardens leave me wondering about the person who so lovingly tends them and so generously shares them with all of the neighbors.
There are probably several hundred people living in the building under the garden, but there doesn't seem to be any concern that anyone will take too much of any of the herbs.
Laura often finds interesting and unexpected things as she rushes around the city going from auditions to performances to rehearsals and back again. She writes about them on her blog.
Thanks for the visit, Laura. I wonder where we will visiting next!


Nestforawren said...

Laura, this is fantastic! Treasure for sure! Thanks for giving us a tour!

Laura said...

Thanks, Carey! And thanks to Tina for this very fun idea!

Tina, there's a fellow in the building whom I've seen up there, tending to the herbs. I'm not sure if it's just his solo effort, because I'm sure the building had to approve it. I'll see if I can find more info on this rooftop herbalist. :)

MoPTB said...

I waited too long to view these virtual tours and am I ever sorry! Very cool. A patch of Eden in a cement jungle...

MoPTB said...

Wow! Your own patch of Eden amidst a concrete jungle. Good for you! :)