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And so begins the 12th year - Jan/Feb '13

The Jan/Feb '13 issue of The Essential Herbal is in the mail, and pdf subscribers will receive the file on the 20th of this month.  We are thrilled with this issue as we begin yet another year.  Our cover is from Susan Hess of Farm at Coventry, who took the picture while making Bay Rum aftershave with the students of her Homestead Herbalism class series.  She sent along the recipe, too! 
Each year, I can't help but look back over the distance we've covered.  It's been a while since we've included a crossword puzzle, and we now have "The Vault", an epic collection of herbal newsletters spanning nearly 40 years from Bertha Reppert (gifted by her daughter Susanna of The Rosemary House) which, for this issue brings us a wonderful article from Jim Long.  We've got scores of recipes and herbal concoctions inside to get any herbie itching to get to work.  It's another good issue.
So here we go, folks.  Let's see how wonderful we can make another year!

Table of Contents for this issue:
Field Notes
When do we decide to claim our knowledge?
An Herbal Event, Carey Jung
It can only be called an event when Rosemary Gladstar puts out a new book, and Carey even obtained permission to include a couple of the recipes from the book!
Cornflower, Cindy Jones
More than the description of a color, this flower has lots to offer.
Collector of Stories, Jackie Johnson
Jackie shares some of the herb lore that we all love so well. She finds some unusual stories for some of our favorites.
Seedy Advice, Rita Richardson
At this time of year, just before we start to plant, seeds as food make tasty additions.
Book Excerpt, Andrea Butje
Natural grout scrub made with household staples and essential oils!
From the Vault, Folk Remedies, Jim Long
Years ago in Missouri, Grace Hudson traveled with her husband and family to logging camps, taking along her folk remedies and knowledge.
Cultivating Herb Enthusiasts, Jacquie Beveridge
How many times have we talked about finding other herbies nearby to learn with? Jacquie tells us all about the beginnings of the Florence (OR) Herb Enthusiasts, and how they’ve grown and grown.
Using Essential Oils in Melt & Pour Soaps,Joshua Thorne
For those who want to make fragrant soaps that include properties from essential oils and avoid using lye, melt & pour bases are the answer.
Herb Soaps with Melt & Pour Soap Bases, Tina Sams
How and why of adding herbs to soaps that can be used almost immediately.
Herbal Concoctions, Sandy Michelsen
Sandy’s resolution for the new year is to share her collection of herbal remedies far and wide. With this article, she makes a pretty good start with five simple ideas to get you motivated.
Midwinter Soups, Suzan T Scholl
Six delicious vegetarian soups that combine flavor with healing and comfort. What could be better for these short, dark days?
A Special Plant from the Pacific Northwest, Joe Smulevitz
A plant named Oplopanax horridus (“Devil’s Club”) doesn’t sound like it would be healing, and yet it has many beneficial properties.
Sweet Sleep Tea, Katie from Allure d'La Fleur
Reading in bed is fine, but when it turns to sleep deprivation, a good tea just might to the trick.
Crossword Puzzle, Herbal Medicine Chest
Curl up with the mag, a pencil (or pen if you’re bold) and have some herbie puzzle fun.
The Worst Soup in the World, Maryanne Schwartz
A family tradition that we (almost) all love.
Winter Interest in the Garden, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
Instead of looking out over the stark and often monochromatic landscape, try some plantings that will shine all year long.
Winter Rooting Tips, Susanna Reppert Brill
Start a little something going on inside now to hold you til spring.
SouthRidge Treasures, Skin, Hair & Bath Products at Home, Mary Ellen Wilcox
A bushel and a peck of treats for your winter-weary skin and hair.
Valentine Specialties from the Herb Garden, Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh
Some Valentine’s Day herbal creations to make, along with some herb lore!

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